Friends, Food and Fun Night

The other night was a blast. I was with Agatha, along withΒ her friends at work having dinner at Tippenyaki Restaurant in Castlewoods, Rathmines, Dublin. It is a Japanese restaurant with Japanese-looking Filipino crew. It felt home there, to be honest. Tito, Cecille and Mikhaela were still on the way to the restaurant when Agatha and … Continue reading Friends, Food and Fun Night


Korean Diet

Here we are again. The threesome on the go! This time we're having some gastronomic adventure. First stop: Korean style. This is my very first Korean dining experience. Peaches brought us to Donga Restaurant in Mabolo where they offer unlimited serving of Korean food for P300. Not bad for a first. No wonder why Koreans … Continue reading Korean Diet

Life Lately

My past few days involved a lot eating out with my friend, Maya. Whenever we have the same duty schedule, we have this identical crazy idea to roam the mall and eat. This is the leisure we need to grab amidst the stressful work we have. First Stop- Army Navy, Ayala Terraces (January 26) ------------------------- … Continue reading Life Lately