photobooth: Manila Diary 2


So now, I’ll continue sharing my experience and memories from our visit to Manila.

more at MOA

More at SM MOA <3.

At Robelle House

We stayed at Robelle House, which we strategically chose for accessibility to Trident Tower.

other places

 Here are the other places we’ve been to: 1. Baclaran Church, 2. Quiapo Church, 3 and 4. Tutuban Center.

Too bad were not able to visit the Ocean Park.

home bound

Back to Cebu, back to reality!

We’ve had a taste travelling under two weather conditions. On our way to Manila it was very sunny and on our way home it was raining–just a nice thing to note.

We only had a short stay there but that was full of good memories. Hopefully, we’ll get to see you again –definitely we’ll coming back to Manila :).

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