Finally, the DJI Mic arrived


After 5 months of waiting, the wireless microphone kit by DJI was finally available for me to pick up.

I made an unboxing video of that!!! Check it ou!!

6th year in Ireland


It was exactly 6years ago when we arrived in Ireland. It’s a mix of ‘it flew just like a snap of a finger’ with also on the other side of the coin, ‘so much has changed’.

I am thankful to God for all the opportunities that I came across especially me having the chance to fly out here. Living in Ireland is a learning ground for me to live independently, to be an adult.

A little rewind to months before 6 years ago, before flying, I had this feeling of sadness. Frustrated, yes, because I had to move, needed be away from my family for my “career”. Life was not actually bad back home. I was living well, wasn’t really struggling. I didn’t have to think of paying bills, what’s my next meal. BUT i just had to do it. Venture out what was out there!

……. under constructionzz

Game of Thrones Studio Tour


Calling all Game of Thrones fans! Or even maybe not actual fans but have heard of Game of Thrones!

A new exciting destination has opened in Northern Ireland dedicated for this phenomenal TV series.

On February 4, they officially opened the Game of Thrones Studio Tour. The studio is where they authentically filmed some of the scenes of GoT, as this is the Linen Mills Studios.

If you have heard of Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter in London, this is the GoT version.

A few days ago, I went there and filmed my experience. If you want to see it, check it on the video below.

Fashion Icon

my vanity hub

Wannabe. Lol.

Some time ago, I was imagining to dip into being a serious fashion blogger. I got pictures kept hidden in my media storage that were left hidden until now.

Back then, didnt have the nerve to publish it online. Now is a different story.

Isn’t it funny how we can easily talk down ourselves from trying or venturing out of our comfort zone and years later, we look back and said we should have just tried–what could have been?

But all we can do is move forward, right? So here I am… the fashion icon…

How did I do?


Wow!! Randomly visited this site of mine and It gave me thrills!

life, mumble
4:15 am photo of me to go with this post. the flash was too bright.

Hey people out there! Or are there still creatures reading blog posts?

Whether there’s still a few left or none at all, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just ramble on as I need to quickly finish expressing my thoughts here with spontaneity, not holding back. Cause it’s actually (proven-just now) really fun and nostalgic to read old posts some time later in the future.

I said proven because that’s just what happened at this minute or a few minutes ago. I am typing this post away on my phone (literally, just downloaded WordPress app for me to compose this) and the time is 3:53AM. I am supposed to be asleep now but is typing away instead.

Nowadays, I am busy doing youtube– cause that’s what’s in today. We transformed from writing posts and uploading photos to videos. So far, I made three YT channels–that’s me trying to avoid people I know who knows already about the first ones and trying to start afresh in so doing that on the latest channel, subscribers barely know me (not personally anyways). To continue the story, I went back to the first channel and watched the very first video I uploaded and it led me to remembering this blog site.

That should be the most fruitful thing I got from staying up late. Finding my way back to my blog site. It was just wow! I mean, while reading the old posts it felt like time travel. Moments you want to visit again.

So I guess I will be back at it.

Two years of silence have past on here but I’m surely back.


*i might edit this back sometime when i have gotten sleep already. this is pure ramble.

Waterford Weekend- unfinished


One weekend, I set foot again in another Ireland exploration.

I found myself in Waterford. I’ve heard a good few colleagues and friends who have been there for a quick break, and that enticed me to check the place myself.

It was only a 24-hour stay in Waterford. I stayed overnight at Treacy’s Hotel. The hotel is very handy as it is in the city centre itself. It’s very accessible to the bus stop, to the shops, and to touristy places in the area.

The journey from Dublin Busaras (bus station) to Waterford took 2.5 hours. I arrived there at 10 am. My check-in wasn’t until 3 pm so I just dropped off my backpack.

I planned to do a walking tour– to start then at 11:45 am. That meant, that I had time for myself to do my own tour of the place.

The city is very clean. I couldn’t see any sign of vandalism. I was maybe a bit early on a Saturday for the people to

London Diary Season 2- unfinished


I was back in London last November for 3 days. It was mainly to renew my passport and, of course, insert a short but sweet getaway.

I flew with Aer Lingus for the first time. I got discouraged booking my flight with Ryanair because they have recently implemented a new luggage policy, which from the first reading I thought was saying not allowing a wheelie suitcase as a carry-on unless you purchase an upgrade or whatnots. I did not bother to confirm that really and went straight ahead with Aer.

I landed in London later than the expected because there was a flight delay. The first plane was “faulty”. All the passengers were already on their seats; the door already shut closed but it felt like the plane’s engine was not turned on. I could not care less about having to transfer to a second plane as long as everybody’s safe, which we did after almost 2 hours of waiting. Safety is always a priority!

Though I arrived late in the afternoon, I still squeezed my way to the embassy to process my passport. I wanted it done and over with straight away before all the leisure. Then I went to meet Agatha and Arjale.

It was so nice seeing Agatha again after she moved and left Dublin in February. She looked well settled in her new home city. I am so happy for her. There was also Arjale. We had a little catch up over dinner and a cup of coffee.

On the second day, my company was Jayson. He toured me around. to places I’ve never been in the city.

I love London! I love how busy it is!

I would like to special mention the transportation. I got the hang of traveling by the Tube, London’s underground railway system, even during the first time I was there. I love joining in the mob’s rush to get to somewhere or catch the connecting train. It’s my simple joy.

The final day was a solo-travel-like day for me. I was on my own as later of that day I was flying back to Ireland. I had a good few hours to explore some more after I checked out of The Continental Hotel, where I stayed. Close by is the Kensington Gardens and Palace.