One-Day Getaway: Bohol


After series of planning and scheduling AND replanning and rescheduling of an outing with friends, we’ve finally pushed through. Woot!! Hoot!! (Kudos to us. This definitely calls for a celebration!) Our destination: BOHOL!!

I’m probably not the best with trying to relive a moment but i’ll have this shot to share what we did in this trip to Bohol.

fresh faces for bohol

We took on this as a threesome because out of 5-6 people only Maya, Peaches and I made it. Against the bad weather, fasting pockets and all the other odds there was nothing could stop us to make it to this trip. It’s rainy season and in the previous PAG-ASA weather bulletin, low pressure area was seen in the Mindanao area so we were expecting that day to be cloudy with rain showers. Silently, we were praying and hoping the weather would be calm to keep us safe and to just have fun.

Because we only had a day to spend for the trip we prefered to cover only Danao and Sagbayan.

So, what went wrong GREAT with our trip?

Pier 3, Cebu to Tubigon Port. Tickets were sold at P220 each. Additional expense was the terminal fee of P10.


On board the fast craft


Too bad I lost this cap in Danao 😦

daily dose of minions

Maya’s daily dose of minions.

hello tubigon

Local Tourists

After an hour and a half of travel, hello Tubigon! Hello Bohol! I wonder why it took us an additional half hour to reach Bohol when they say it would only be 1 hour with fast craft. Well, anyways, it was still a safe and smooth ride.

star craft

Star Craft fast craft.

tubigon port

Tubigon, Bohol Port

At the Port, it is a common scene to see local drivers and guides swarm passengers to convince them take them to different destinations. We had our share of this one. After the haggle, we chartered a tricycle that would take us to Danao Adventure Park to Sagbayan Peak then back to Tubigon Port for only P600. Wow, now that’s a bonus.

front seat

Our tric fueling up for the drive.


I preferred to take the back seat for that added feel of adventure.

no bumps

On the way. Amazing road works. No mudholes, no bumps.


But not all was a smooth ride. Splashes. Jumps. Check.

shy hill2

During the drive, we’re passing Chocolate hills. They’re so elusive for that perfect shot. Of course, this is what to expect when you’re on a ride and you’re too shy to tell the driver to stop for a second to take a photo.

shy hill

Oh, here’s another shy hill.

perfect hillUntil this. Hi there selfie hill.

After app. 1.5 hours of ride and water splashes we reached EAT Danao.

eat danao

plunge preview

Me Enjoying the Plunge

There is a lot to share with what we did in Danao so I made a separate post about it. Check it through this link: Extreme Plunge.

After staying in Danao and before heading back to Cebu, we went to Sagbayan Peak. I also made a separate post on that. Revisiting Sagbayan Peak

During the trip, we covered 82.5 kilometers of Bohol.

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