Day Out with Una


clear sky at the beach

A bank holiday plus a shining warm sun– the perfect formula to carry out our plan to visit the nearest beach and see a castle.

But before we got there, Una, Agatha and I had to walk about 20 minutes to get to the bus stop for Malahide.

the walk

Agatha and Una. Walking is always fun with good company.


Our lovely Una.

at the bus

We got on a 42 Dublin bus, which is to Portmarnock. It was quite a long ride- about 36 minutes (based on google maps). Nevertheless, we enjoyed looking at the different scenic views, the grand houses we passed by along the way.

feet at the bus

Summer feet. No boots, just trainers and boat shoes.

church front

We got off at Saint Sylvester’s Church.

in the church

We went in and said a little prayer. It was so comforting to be inside the church. It was warm and quite.

malahide flowers

Welcome to Malahide, Dublin.

malahde beach sign

Where the river meets the sea. The estuary of River Broadmeadow.

coast road

It was low tide at that time. I think the view would have been better if it wasn’t.


Just being touristy.


Shadow picture.

strong currents

No swimming allowed because of strong currents.


Malahide Beach.

at the beach

The view


We went on further to the sand bar. We did not stay long there, however, because it was windy and the sand granules were blown too. We had to squint tight to protect our eyes and it was sore  when the grainy wind touched our skin.

IMG_3922 (1)

Me standing my ground against the wind.


The Ammonite. Fun fact: This sculpture was made of bronze, stone, copper and marble by Niall O’ Neill in 2001.


Looks like a flower to me but I was corrected and that this is a weed.


Una treated us with some delicious vanilla soft ice cream with chocolate flake.

castle 1

And we were on to the castle.


Directions please.


castle with twig

It was not that super big, big castle I thought it would be. But it was beautiful. There was that majestic fairy tale princess feel.

IMG_3991 (1)

castle tower

I’ll call this the castle’s tower.

IMG_3966 (1)

IMG_3970 (1)

Welcome to my castle. I’m owning it.


Door design.

una at the parkyellow flowers


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