Dublin Bay Prawn Festival 2017


The other weekend, I went solo to Howth Harbour to check out the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival. I came to know of this on Facebook.  I was very excited about it because I was looking forward to tasting seafood in a while, was curious about the festival in general, and it was my first time to visit Howth.

Going there alone was not the initial plan of mine. I invited people to come with me. Yeah, at first they have agreed to go but then, they changed their minds. Blame that on the Irish weather, too. It scared them away. Rain, wind, cold or dry–we could have that all. So, solo trip then it was for me.

It took me 2 bus rides to get to Howth from home. There was traffic near Sutton so the travel was delayed for a few good minutes.


When I arrived and got off the bus, I was so anxious. Have I mentioned that this was my first lone trip- like traveling to an unknown place for the first time? Yeah. It felt awkward being alone. I didn’t know what I should do, how I would act natural. I was trying to compose myself. Then I just took out my camera and got my job started.

It was the last day of this 3-day event. There were lots of people. There were two marquees with tables where people could eat. On the other side were food stalls for the different restaurants in Howth. And there was a stage for the crowd’s entertainment.

Money was not directly paid to the staff. First, I had to purchase “punt” or token. Seven euros for one punt and 20 euros for three.

My first serving. Calamari and tiger prawns.

One was not enough so I had to get another punt. Second take: scampi and chips.

Young and old. Groups, couples, and families. Big dogs, small dogs. You could find them there. I was having fun snapping pictures of them.

Then, I got to meet some Filipinos. Exchange of hi’s and hellos. They came to know I was with nobody so they invited me to join them.

The Great Escape band. As their name suggests, they are really great. They played fantastic music–from Irish music to rock to vintage to modern. It was never lame. They were effective connecting with their audience. People in the front, including me, were dancing and jamming. It was really fun.

I should say it was a great experience to be there in the festival. I am looking forward to this now every year. See you there!!

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