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That January sale is over but not quite yet in Zara.

Earlier today, I was on my usual prancing around the city center. And with my usual is a visit to Zara. (I never really miss a time to check the store TBH). And I happened to be in the sales section. The price board says ALL AT €1.99, AT €7.99, AT €19.99. WOAH! That’s a bargain! But really, that corner was not appealing- it was like a bomb was just dropped there (as it always is). It was a mess and not too many would really think there’s still something good there.


Marked down prices

reality at zara

The bomb scene

In my thought as well– “Oh!, I’ve gone through all of these pieces before“. “Nah! This is a waste of time for me!” But I still went through the racks, piece by piece- salvaging what could be salvaged. AND, indeed, I found jewels from the mine.


Photo from Zara mobile app.

First, this cute floral print V-neck blouse. I suspect that I’ve tried this on before but just didn’t buy it because it was at €29.95. This for €7.99 and it looks good, why not? This would be great for summer.


This is THE jeans. I could not find it online nor in the app.

Next, I have this pair of jeans. A few days ago, I was planning to search for a light washed jeans- maybe from Topshop or Levis (of course from the outlet at Kildare Village). But then, I found these. They are not high-waisted though, which is the trend nowadays but I don’t really mind. I love it as mid-rise and it flatters my “curves”. PS. One of the things I check when purchasing a pair of jeans or pants or any lower garment is if it makes my bum look good then that’s a winner. And this one is a WINNER at €5.99.


Lastly, this flowing coat. To know that one of the big trends this year is a trench, getting one more of it next to my formal-ish one from Hobbs won’t do me harm. I’ve been eyeing this since January. My first try on then, though, was so-so and the price tag was not convincing enough for a purchase. Now, I checked the tag and it’s for €19.99-originally €69.95. When I tried it on now, it’s for me! It’s short. It’s flowy. It’s chic and cool. I love to have it.

three pieces

A whole new outfit.

There was a long queue of shoppers outside the fitting room that’s why this is the only photo I took in there. I’m wearing here the three lovely-guilt-free pieces I took home with. I’m so happy with them!


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