Planning Way Ahead

It’s August. Still a few more months before December, yet this early, my E.R. family already started out planning for the Christmas party.

Actually the planning started sometime in July. I was then really hoping we would go for a costume play. I imagined how fun it would be to dress up with your favorite character. My bet was to be Snow White and sport the makeup done by my favorite Michelle Phan. πŸ˜›

Michelle as Snow White

Unfortunately, just a Β few days ago, they came up with a different theme. The least i expected and as majority-and seniority-wins apply, we will going to have a masquerade party. Quite interesting, so mysterious.

Ooh, I need mask, a good make-up, foot wear and of course, a dress that kills. Arrr..I barely have an idea on how to pull this off! How should I match the mask and the dress? How about the make-up and the mask? These call for a careful study.

I’m so excited about this whole thing. I just started creating my own mask by papier-machΓ© (which I will share the story behind it with you soon πŸ™‚). Now, for the rest, i’ll leave it until maybe a month or a couple of Β weeks before that big day. Hahaha.

We’ll be posting from time to time about the progress of the planning and the eventualities of our Christmas-Masquerade Party!

Β Now, have you attended a masquerade party before? How did you dress up? Share it here.


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