Finally, the DJI Mic arrived


After 5 months of waiting, the wireless microphone kit by DJI was finally available for me to pick up.

I made an unboxing video of that!!! Check it ou!!

6th year in Ireland


It was exactly 6years ago when we arrived in Ireland. It’s a mix of ‘it flew just like a snap of a finger’ with also on the other side of the coin, ‘so much has changed’.

I am thankful to God for all the opportunities that I came across especially me having the chance to fly out here. Living in Ireland is a learning ground for me to live independently, to be an adult.

A little rewind to months before 6 years ago, before flying, I had this feeling of sadness. Frustrated, yes, because I had to move, needed be away from my family for my “career”. Life was not actually bad back home. I was living well, wasn’t really struggling. I didn’t have to think of paying bills, what’s my next meal. BUT i just had to do it. Venture out what was out there!

……. under constructionzz

Game of Thrones Studio Tour


Calling all Game of Thrones fans! Or even maybe not actual fans but have heard of Game of Thrones!

A new exciting destination has opened in Northern Ireland dedicated for this phenomenal TV series.

On February 4, they officially opened the Game of Thrones Studio Tour. The studio is where they authentically filmed some of the scenes of GoT, as this is the Linen Mills Studios.

If you have heard of Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter in London, this is the GoT version.

A few days ago, I went there and filmed my experience. If you want to see it, check it on the video below.

Waterford Weekend- unfinished


One weekend, I set foot again in another Ireland exploration.

I found myself in Waterford. I’ve heard a good few colleagues and friends who have been there for a quick break, and that enticed me to check the place myself.

It was only a 24-hour stay in Waterford. I stayed overnight at Treacy’s Hotel. The hotel is very handy as it is in the city centre itself. It’s very accessible to the bus stop, to the shops, and to touristy places in the area.

The journey from Dublin Busaras (bus station) to Waterford took 2.5 hours. I arrived there at 10 am. My check-in wasn’t until 3 pm so I just dropped off my backpack.

I planned to do a walking tour– to start then at 11:45 am. That meant, that I had time for myself to do my own tour of the place.

The city is very clean. I couldn’t see any sign of vandalism. I was maybe a bit early on a Saturday for the people to

Bantayan Island 2015


Last May, our unit decided to have a summer outing in this very beautiful island of Bantayan. It was my first to be there and I was so excited for the trip.

The original plan was for us to have an overnight stay. Unfortunately, because I knew for sure I wont be allowed by my mama to sleep somewhere else (especially with Michael around), we had it just a one day trip. 😦 (Thank you guys for compromising.)

dark dawn
On our way.

It was still wee hours in the morning when we left for Bantayan. All of us were very sleepy as some of us just had a duty the night before and with the fact that it was really very early.

We picked up one by one our friends as we got near their place. Michael fetched me first from our house, then we went to Mam Tin’s. Next was in this order: Rey– Gladys and Kame–Step– Jayson and Niel– Nova.



It was ____ hour drive to get to Sta. Fe Port. The road was dark. I should say it was a dangerous drive as we got to drive by fast-moving big buses and trucks. I imagine dump trucks should be driving slow but they’re not; it was like they’re in a race or something. Michael was really sleepy while driving but he dared not to stop by because he wanted us to get to the port fast and make it to the boat first trip to the island. He said he was constantly pinching his legs to keep him awake. He added that if it was not a time I tapped him in the back that we could have had an accident because he completely snoozed for a moment. But really, really Thank God we’re safe.

When we arrived at the port, the first trip vessel had already departed. So while waiting, we had our painit, morning eat with hot drink.


Now, it was not a smooth ride for all of us. Our fellow Kame here was….. And that brought us to the island’s local hospital. To mkae use of time, Michael and I, with Niel, were tasked to go to the market for our food. It was fun. And it was hot.

It really amazes me to ride on different public vehicles from different places, like this one. It’s run by a motorcycle and just look at the modification. This can load up to 10-12 passengers. Brilliant!

Swimming time!!

The resort got a cave. Too bad there were a lot of people in the cave so I was not able to go inside.

Look and feel and enjoy the picture view. Wow! So wow!

But, I think next tie we should planning the timing of our trip as we always get to have low tides. The sea waters not favoring us.

queing for the boat…

My New Year’s Resolution


I just wish I’ll be able to make these a reality. I’ll try my very best. 🙂

1. Eat more, drink more.
To eat more food, possibly nutritious stuffs and to drink more water.
2. Go earlier to bed.
To control my being nocturnal and give my body enough rest. Avoid exhaustion!
3. Exercise.
Fats are starting to deposit in my midsection :(.
4. Save money at least 20 pesos everyday.
5. Give myself a “new childhood”.
I’ve always felt there are a lot of things I should have done when I was at this particular age. It’s a feeling like I’ve missed a big part in my life. I was just then too focused finishing my studies that I forgot to chill out. This year I’m turning 24 and I’ve got to enjoy life and got to live more.

It’s so timely that this is what my horoscope says on the papers today:

“You need to branch out culturally–nothing is worse for you than stagnation! Your terrific social energy should help you to find new ways to have fun and explore your world.”

6. Blog more often.
–There’s nothing more to be said here.
7. Take pictures everyday.
8. Be closer to God and my family.