photobooth: Manila Diary


It’s almost 2 years now since I traveled to Manila. It was such an unforgettable experience worth this recollection.

For my 21 years of existence then, it was my first time to ride on a plane. This was my first sight from above.

1) Snapping photos while waiting for take off. 2) White cotton candies in the air :). 3) Mama. 4) Mama and I secretly taking pictures of ourselves. 4) Plane seats. 5) Conie and me.

1) Trident Tower (where we took our NCLEX). 2) Examinees’ supports waiting at the building’s entrance.  3) Conie.  4) Mrs. Congeniality and her new found friends. 5) Cute Conie ^.^ 6) Conie and me, once more.

Left side 1. Our first at SM mall of asia, 2. View of the sunset at Manila bay, 3. Pacman’s image c/o Alaxan

Center 1 & 2. Me and Conie playing at MOA’s ground

Right 1. Colorful horse carousel, 2. Night shot of MOA’s baywalk, 3. Mama

ps. Still more to come in the next posts. Good bye for now!

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