Another Twist of the Twist


My one month rotation at the Operating Room has come to an end. Though it was really a struggle adjusting not with the work itself but with the new workmate/s, I have seen my self becoming an OR nurse.

The experience was a roller coaster of emotions. The first week was the worst. I cried maybe 3 or 4 times as I got home sharing my experience with my mother. But after that terrible week, things and my outlook about OR and the people there have changed. I was able to adapt to the routine and how to avoid certain things so as not to become being lectured :).

And then one day, I was approached by our supervisor. She was to tell me a news from the nursing director. I expected it was about my retention in the OR (would-have-been nice touch to my CV). But it was not. After 4 weeks at OR, I will be reassigned. Not back at my first haven, the ER, or at ICU or at wards. The least I imagined it is. It’s at the Labor/Delivery Room.

Another real twist of my career. How will i pull it off? The LR/DR in our institution has only one staff per shift. And if any goes during a shift, it’s only for that staff to handle all along. GOD! I need a rescue.

I was given two weeks to be orientated and to familiarize the protocols. I’m now praying that the worst case would come around during these days so that I will know what to do while I’m still working with the “old” staff. teehee.

What do you feel about job rotation? How regular is it done in your institution? Share your thoughts.

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