12.12.12 It’s Party Red Alert


I only have THREE days left to prepare for our Christmas party.

Well, I have my dress and shoes ready. BUT, there are still a bunch of other things I need to decide about: how will I do my make-up, my hair? What accessories to put? Grrr. These are giving headaches.

Even before, I’ve been hoarding from You Tube make-up tutorial videos. At first, they were by Michelle Phan. But now because of this party-induced stress and pressure, I included other gurus so that I have this wide selection of looks that I could go for on our event. As of this writing, I have stored a total of 45 videos in my desktop. I find this “hoarding” more convenient because there will be no buffering time when I will access my fave video (teehee. Just saying).


Which look will I be wearing?! in shouting mode because of exasperation Sorry about that.

Now, with the hair? I was thinking of braids. It would be cool, right?

hair pegs

Can anyone help me out?

Do you also have your own share of this kind of dilemma every time you prepare for a special event you don’t want to mess up?

2 thoughts on “12.12.12 It’s Party Red Alert

  1. I love the 2nd look on Michelle there, it so sweet! (top right corner) I also really liked the braid with the fabric in it. Maybe have some red and green ribbons in your hair to make it Christmassy? Good luck! x


    1. THanks a lot for dropping by Friva..Just tonight we had our party and it was so coward of me not being able to pull off the braids and all..I simply went for untied hair..haha


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