Simala Visit (Day 15)

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On the 15th day of my vacation, Dadi, Mama and I had the chance to visit again the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist popularly known as Simala Church in Barangay Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga.

It was on a Monday that we went there. We strategically chose to visit that church not on a Sunday or the 13th day of the month so we can avoid the rush of visiting devotees on these days. This is a very good advice to take if you want to experience more the solemnity of the place.

Below are some of the photos I snapped during our visit.

large image mary

front view ceresWe went to Sibonga via Ceres bus.

green view of the south

It’s an around 47-kilometer ride (Linao, Minglanilla to Sibonga) so might as well enjoy Cebu South’s scenic view.

Welcome to Barangay Simala. After hours of travel we have finally reached this corner.on the wayFrom there, we rode on a tricycle to get us to the church.

ride options

Another ride option is by habal-habal, a local term for motorbike. Whichever it is, the fare is P20 for each passenger.

clear road

This is what I meant about going there on a non-peak day. No traffic.

Loving the backride.

veggie store along the highway

Fruit and vegetable stall along the way. With hundreds or even thousands of churchgoers, this really seems a good opportunity for business. 😉

tricycle spedom

The ride takes 10 minutes.

the entrance

We’re here! The gates of the Monastery.

the view of the church

The Simala Church, house of the Miraculous Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Very grandiose, isn’t it?

lil girl

Hello there Lil Girl! She used to ride on that cart behind her that was also attached to a cow. Now, she’s on the ground and actually lost an arm. She’s still very cute though.


wishing well

The Wishing Well–just before you reach the comfort rooms.


Luscious garden.


mini water falls

Waterfalls. The sound of falling waters really brings some magic to our senses. Don’t you think?


Cottages are available where family or groups of pilgrims can stay for free. They can eat their baon here.

more cottages

More cottages.

stairway 2

The grand staircases. Both for entrance and exit to the church.

stairway down

This one’s for the exit.

stairway to castle

stairs to church

On that day we were there, the sun was up and it was verrrry hot so we opted to pass through the old stairways.

angel with note

Please Respect.

candles for sale

One of the outlets where you can buy colored candles and other religious items.

going down

main altar

The main altar.


candle lighting area

The candle lighting area.candles

Special colored candles or ordinary brown-colored ones.

cabinets of granter petitions

Thousands of granted petitions are displayed in cabinets. They are in the form of thank you letters and testimonials of their granted wishes through the intercession of Mary.

granted prayerspencils and sharpener

Pencils, calculators and sharpeners of successful examinees are also on display.

window paneshoes off

This is the part where pilgrims have to remove their footwear.

one of the guards

Statue guard.portrait Virgin Mary

The very beautiful Miraculous Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Image of the Virgin

FYI: The Sacred Statue of the Blessed Virgin has shed tears in 1998. Since then numerous of devotees has come to pay homage to the Virgin.

at the altar

Devotees can continue saying their prayer to the Virgin on the kneelers provide below the image.


One should not miss exploring this area where different images of Mary are displayed.
Numerous images of Maryangel with trumphetimages of mary in cabinetsflowersmore imagessr sto ninoThere also an image of Sr. Sto. Niño.


The most photographed area, i think.
big smile

Big ‘Fake’ Smile from Mama. Hahaha 🙂

new segment

The latest structure of the church. This what I will brand as the left wing. Left, that is, if your facing the church.latest structure3

latest structure2latest structureWow.

picturesque Simala

Picturesque Simala. Devotees just can’t get enough of snapping pictures of the place.
ongoing construction of the left wing

Right Wing still under construction.

Visit the SImala Church, too, while we will surely come back again and again. 🙂

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