Friends, Food and Fun Night

20170527_005413The other night was a blast. I was with Agatha, along with her friends at work having dinner at Tippenyaki Restaurant in Castlewoods, Rathmines, Dublin. It is a Japanese restaurant with Japanese-looking Filipino crew. It felt home there, to be honest.

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Sneak Peek: 2-day West of Ireland Tour

We had a blast weekend! Agatha and I had our very first tour of Ireland (outside of Dublin). We booked it online with Healy Tours for only €90 each. That price is cheap considering it covered a two-day trip and an overnight accommodation.

From our traipsing, I got around 700 pictures. I know that’s a lot but that includes photos of garbage bins, blurred captures, and everything else that I still need to sort. So for now, here’s a peep of the fun we had in Galway and County Clare.

me at cliff preview
At the windy Cliffs of Moher
preview kyle more abbey
Kylemore Abbey

My Silver Birthday

It’s my 25th birthday!!  Another year older, hoping to be a much more wiser person to deal with life ahead.

So what was my first day of my 25th year living on earth was like?

I was off-duty but i had to go to HD unit for some lunch treat with my colleagues. I share the same birthdate with Sir Mic so I didn’t have to pay that much for our treat. (It’s Sir Mic’s 28th yearSorry i have to spill that out. Teehee.)

Sir Mic and I dropped by Shopwise to buy leche flan, soft drinks, and rice. We also went around Englis and V. Rama Ave for the viands: Kusina ni Nasing’s liempo and Sr. Pedro’s lechon manok. With the help of Sir Pugz, we also had CNT’s lechon baboy. All the while, our folks were preparing something for us.

Eric getting busy with the centerpiece.
Tissue paper as a decor material is indeed a brilliant idea.
Eric, Nova, and Bembem getting busy.
Gladys, Eric, Rey, and Nikki minding their own stuff.

Gotcha! The very camera-elusive Sir Pugz.
From the looks of his work, he must have worked in a catering services before.

Pump the staple gun hard, Rey.
Eric, Gladys and Mam Tin
And so, what’s this?
Eric and Bembem
The HD ladies minus me.

The Celebrities. Oh, apologies. The Celebrants. 😉
The HD gang.
(standing) Mam Tin, Nova, Nikki, Gladys, Bembem, Kame, Eric
(sitting) me, Sir Mic

It was a memorable birthday because I got share it with this bunch of people dear to my heart. Spending moments like this with them is a real treasure. Our start may have been rough but our journey together has polished us to shine together and unite happily.

Simala Visit (Day 15)

On the 15th day of my vacation, Dadi, Mama and I had the chance to visit again the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist popularly known as Simala Church in Barangay Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga.

It was on a Monday that we went there. We strategically chose to visit that church not on a Sunday or the 13th day of the month so we can avoid the rush of visiting devotees on these days. This is a very good advice to take if you want to experience more the solemnity of the place.

Below are some of the photos I snapped during our visit.

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