Danao, Bohol


eat danaoTo describe our getaway in Danao, Bohol as extreme would only be mediocre. What we actually had was a totally-crazy-gravity-defying-hanging-on-for-life thrill.pay

The Dora’s exploring.

at the plunge
the plunge view
wahig river

The view deep down. The plunge is a drop off this ledge plus big swings.

cliff to cliff

peach and I
peaches b4leap
woman enough

So, it’s a jump for a cause.


This fella, who was a real squealer, loves a pair of Sperry.

noy lito
bat for suislide

The human bat ready for her flight-suislide. Zip lining across the canyon to the next edge and back. It was twice the fun.

sapatos nganga

My shoes just gave up on me or, shall I say, from the rough adventures we had that day.


Surprisingly, Maya had spare shoes for me to use.

Check out this video I uploaded on Youtube. It was Maya’s plunge. Pardon the extra comments Peach and I were making in the background. Hahaha.

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