Korean Diet


Here we are again. The trio on the go! This time we’re having some gastronomic adventure. First stop: Korean style.


This is my very first Korean dining experience. Peaches brought us to Donga Restaurant in Mabolo where they offer an unlimited serving of Korean food for P300. Not bad for a first.

gutom na
taking order
unli of everything

No wonder why Koreans are slim.



clam soup

Spicy Clam Soup–not its real name though.

me me

Leafy and green.

close up

When we asked the attendant what the name of this dish, she just said it’s seafood. Yes, it is obviously a seafood but what in particular?! Teehee. I think it’s the amahong.

pork belly

Thank you Peach for doing the cooking for us.


And of course, we surely did not miss to try S.Korea’s No. 1 ice cream bar–Melona!! Yummy!

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