It’s been two months today since I tendered resignation from my employer for an opportunity for me to work in Ireland. It was an urgent call for me to resign as my recruitment agency had advised me that I was  leaving mid January. For some reason, however, it was moved on April. So, here I am, at home, unemployed, no income but I’m not complaining. Instead, I’m so thankful for this extended time I have to spend in the Philippines with my loved ones.

Right at this very moment, March 3, my friend Gladys is up in the air, flying to Dublin. God bless your trip girl and be sure to get my red carpet ready come my time I fly there.

So far, have I missed work? Mmm… I’m enjoying a lot my time at home. But I miss my workmates; my patients; our workplace; the good crazy endorsement sessions; the shared laughters, bloopers, and talks; the cannulations; the spicy Sukadi chicken; the HIMS etc. They are all part of my work. I guess, YES, I do miss my work.

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