Off to England


wp-1476950740681.jpgGladys and I had a very quick trip to England. I’d say it was quick because 3 days and 2 nights stay was not enough to go around and visit famous places in just London alone. Anyhow, finally, we carried out this long time plan of ours and had a very great time there.

harry-potter-tarpOn Day 1, we went to Warner Bros Studio to see The Making of Harry Potter. Later that night, we had a long stroll along River Thames and witnessed London’s beauty at night.

buckingham-gateGladys and I were exploring more of London on our 2nd day.

puntsAnd on the last day, we concluded our trip in Cambridge where we get to experience punting. The view from the mini cruise made us fell in love with the city.

In a series of post, I’ll share the fun and enjoyable time we had in Britain.

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