Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter


England Series. Day 1.

Going to the Harry Potter studio was on my bucket list that I wanted to tick off right away from this trip of ours to England. I almost missed it though because I decided to purchase our tickets the very last minute. It was two days prior our flight when I checked the website to do the booking. OH, MY GOD! There was no available slot not until October 16 (and we would only be there the 13th to 15th). I never really thought they ever run out like that. So I head over to FAQs in the hope of finding answers on how we would get tickets. As a desperate measure too, I right away sent an email to WB to spare me some tickets. LOL.
There was a mention in the FAQs that there could be cancellations or change of dates made by those who already have admissions. That’s the only slim chance I saw. So then, I was on the website- kept refreshing the page. And the effort was not wasted. Lo and behold, two slots were available for us.


We had a smooth flight from Dublin to London. Straight from Stansted airport, Gladys and I traveled to Watford Junction train station, where we then got on the WB shuttle bus.


Merely seeing the bus made us much more giddy about the tour. The fare was £2.50 each person.


AND we’re here! After collecting our tickets we head over to queue for the entrance. Bags and body inspection was done. We did not worry about our luggage as they have free cloakrooms, which is very convenient for visitors.


There’s the Fantastic Beasts- the continuation of the magical saga. Exciting!


I highly suggest to anyone who would visit here to avail of the digital guide. It’s like having someone talking you through the tour. I regret we didn’t have it for ourselves 😦 .


The first to see is Harry’s room. (Sorry for the blurred picture.) AND the next loads of photos are spoilers. Enjoy!


“Forced perspective” technique–making this look like a long hallway but not really.


Sorted to Gryffindor (photobomber right there).


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