On the streets of Dublin


lovers in autumn Wandering around the Dublin is more like a hobby to me now. Aside from going to the shops, I enjoy seeing tourists, locals and everyone passing by as it gives me a sense of mystery– like these different people have their own stories to tell.

One day, I was at St. Stephen’s Green Park, Grafton Street, and Temple Bar Street aimlessly walking and snapping pictures.


pigeon looking

Hey, hey pigeon! Wait. Is this a pigeon? I still need to learn which bird is which.


The other duck was not drowning itself, alright!


Beautiful face, beautiful voice.

different perspective

From a different perspective.

kid watching

Mesmerized kiddo.

perfect timing

It’s about perfect timing.


Saxophone serenade.



behind the mascot

The man behind the mascot.

hey there

What could you be thinking?


My attempt to do night photography of Dublin.

There are lots of stories to capture; so much beauty to frame.

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