Friends, Food and Fun Night

food, leisure

The other night was a blast. I was with Agatha, along with her friends at work having dinner at Tippenyaki Restaurant in Castlewoods, Rathmines, Dublin. It is a Japanese restaurant with Japanese-looking Filipino crew. It felt home there, to be honest.


Tito, Cecille and Mikhaela were still on the way to the restaurant when Agatha and I arrived there. We were also a few minutes early for our booking so for a while we roamed around the vicinity and had quick snaps.

In the restaurant, we were seated at the chef’s counter. That meant, our food was cooked in front of us. Other than seeing the food preparation, the chefs have entertainment to offer.

Tito and his non-alcoholic mojito.

There was one guest at the time who was celebrating her birthday. Our wacky Tito joined in with the birthday carol.


L to R. Mikhaela, Cecille, Tito, Agatha and me.

Serenade from the staff. The guests, including us, were jamming along. It was very good fun! I love it!

PS. There is a whole lot of content, especially the chef’s cooking videos, and egg roll catch, I would like to include here. Too bad, I had them in my GoPro and I am still new to it. I am struggling with the editing plus my laptop is too slow to keep up with the GoPro clips. 😫😫

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