What to Wear: In an Irish Birthday Party

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Tomorrow is Una’s 70th birthday celebration. I’ve never been yet to any Irish birthday parties so I haven’t got a clue on what is appropriate attire for the event. This a different culture to me so there must be some unspoken dress code or something that I need to follow.

I started making this post at 21:30. That’s like 11 hours left for the party but here I am in front of my laptop mumbling and researching online on what to wear.

So here’s my plan: I have this particular dark navy (black almost) midi skirt from Zara that I am dying to finally wear. Honestly, I got this in September last year but it was only lying among other clothes I haven’t got the chance to use as well. This time I want this item to be the “centerpiece” and I would start my outfit with it.


Image screenshot from Zara website.

I searched on Pinterest for ideas on how to style it. First, I am looking into donning the skirt with ankle boots. I have sky-high Kendra style Dr. Martens boots. I’ve tried them on once in my room and I thought it was a real cool combo.

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Pretty but maybe a little dramatic or more fall appropriate. So my next idea is pairing it with some Converse platform. (Basically, I am aiming to at least add a few inches to my height. Hence the reason for the heeled boots and platforms choices. Otherwise, I’ll be like a dwarf among the attendees.)

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Relaxed, comfortable look with the sneaker-skirt outfit but might make me look more petite.

I got more ideas now, anyways, including the top and outerwear I’ll go for. But the final outcome will be tomorrow. Gosh! I’ll have loads of fittings to do. So I need to have some rest for now.

PS. I don’t own the images I featured here. They are from Pinterest and you can find these images using the link I captioned with each. 

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