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Yesterday was a long, tiring day for me. At 9am, I have an appointment to see my dentist for the Invisalign treatment I’m currently on. Had breakfast and had to go back to the clinic again because the newly put in “button”  on my tooth came off. And then, my shop hopping began.

topshop white top selfie

This was my try on of this top with my size. I let it pass–didn’t buy this then.

My day’s target was to buy myself this Topshop top. I’ve seen it first on one of the Instabloggers I follow and I found it very girly and cute and summery. A week or two ago, I was able to fit it on but I was then too skeptical about buying it. I did not let the impulse get to me. However, in the following days, bloggers wearing it kept showing up on my feed as if teasing me. This time I was determined to have it.

ootd, river island, zara, levi's, converse

OOTD. Jacket: River Island. Top: Zara. Jeans: Levi’s. Shoes: Converse.

mirror selfieI was first in the Topshop near Grafton Street. No way, Josey! Only two pieces left and were size 14. Too big. They sell really fast. Had to try of course other pieces there, but when you know you have something in mind, you just can’t choose something else well.

Then I moved on. I went in St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. I did nothing but sit on the bench there as long as I can remember. I was giving up my hopes already of getting that top and was pondering whether I’ll go to Kildare Village instead. In the end, I stayed in the city centre.

Stephen's green park, luasI had lunch. That’s the first time I stayed on the top floor of the shopping centre and my view was amazing.  It’s nice to just let the time pass by looking at people down below.

I went up to Henry Street. I passed by the Topshop in Arnotts. The white top they have in stock were in sizes UK 6, 10, 12 and 14. Gone are all the 8s which is my size. I still went in the fitting room with sizes 6 and 10. Tried them on. But, they’re just not fitting me well. So that puts a period of my hunt for that top.

I went into Newlook and River Island. And finally to Zara. Zara was closing 1 hour later than the other shops yesterday so I stayed there. Looking and flipping randomly through racks and hangers. Then I happen to be in the last corner. There showed up this gingham top.  It’s so beautiful. So cute! I love it! Tried it first in size Small but the shoulder part is loose. Tried the XS and it was perfect!!


100% ecologically grown cotton.

I don’t know if this top really warrants a single post just because it was not an expected purchase. Or I just want to get away with my ramblings.

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