My Japanese Dining Spot in Dublin


Whenever I crave for something different to eat other than the cheeseburger meal of Burger King, my choice is some good Japanese food. My go-to place for this is the Banyi Japanese dining in Temple Bar.

banyi inside

If you’re not too familiar with Japanese food really, looking at the menu could be overwhelming. One way to go is to check their lunch or dinner bento. It is a meal already and this is what I am having almost everytime I am here. Also, I advise asking for their daily specials that you could also see on their display board.

Here’s the food I had one time when I was there.

miso soup

First served from the lunch bento box was this gorgeous hot miso soup (not hot like spicy but hot like warm). It’s very good especially in the cold weather days. It’s so satisfying as you sip that soup and you feel that hot liquid going down your digestive tract. OH, lovely!

salmon teriyaki

After the soup, comes the main part. I had the salmon teriyaki bento. With a bento order, you basically have a bit of everything of Japanese dishes.

Starting from top left going clockwise, there is the fish isobe age. This is a deep-fried tuna, avocado seaweed wrap. Next to it is the salmon teriyaki, itself, on a bed of fresh lettuce.

On the lower right is my fave hosomaki. Ever since I started going here, that was the only time the sushi roll they served looked butchered and ugly. The roll fell apart when I picked it up with the chopsticks but still tastes really good. That wouldn’t be enough to put off my craving for the roll. Then, the middle one is what they call moyashi, a slightly sweet beansprout salad. And finally, the rice.

lava fondant

And to close the deal, I had this lovely matcha lava fondant, served with a scoop of ice cream and strawberry. Too bad wasn’t able to take a picture of the “green tea lava” of this cake. I was very quick devouring it all.

You can check Banyi Japanese Dining ‘s website for their full menu.

Are you going to visit the place as well?

See you.

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