Viva Pit Señor!


I have to admit. This Sinulog is my very first to go out with friends and experience being out there on this festive day. Finally, I have gotten my self the courage to ask my mama to allow me this. 😀

Before I met my company, Daddy, Mama and I attended the 5:30 pm mass at the Basilica.Thank God the flow of the people going inside the Basilica was smooth flowing compared to that of Saturday’s, where there was a stampede and I almost broke a rib.

Journeying Together in Faith

misa sa basilica with mama and daddy

Daddy and Mama posing after the mass.

Pit Señor

Traditional Sinulog dance after the mass. Pit Señor!


Colorful masks for sale!


With friends minus Chad the picture-taker. From left to right: Yours truly, Maya, Denise and Eric


Left to right: Eric, Denise, Maya, Me (looks ashen), Karla (who left us after the photo-op, tsktsk).

Denise about to have her henna tattoo

Denise with her own henna tattoo design. “Make sure you copy that right Manong.”

Henna for Everyone

Ma’am Tatum with her own tattoo session.

Light to Dark

At One Mango Avenue.

Businesses that night were booming, especially those engaged in liquor, dance and music. We spent most of our time that night trying to find room for our own “session”. In the central, that is in Mango Avenue and Fuente area, we could not find one to avail us. Either the bar was out of drink or already full house. Other groups were willing to wait for their turn at the counters while we were just too impatient that we move on to the next. So, we ended up at Stoplight, V. Rama Avenue. It was quite away from the party area but it was not only us ending up there.


At Stoplight

the drunkards

Chaddy and Eric!

The Flirt

Chad still in his/her uniform.


Me and Denise


Actually, Eric’s not yet drunk. He’s just too sleepy from work and he’s still to go on duty at 7am. Haha!


Great time with friends.


Happiness indeed! Til next time guys :)!

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