Life Lately

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My past few days involved a lot eating out with my friend, Maya. Whenever we have the same duty schedule, we have this identical crazy idea to roam the mall and eat. This is the leisure we need to grab amidst the stressful work we have.

First Stop- Army Navy, Ayala Terraces (January 26)

Army navy

maya at army navy

picture 2x

the freedom fries

The Freedom Fries, P75. Looking at this picture still makes me remember the delicious, just-right-spice of the fries. It’s so mouthwatering.

the libertea

The Libertea, P65.

the burger

Of course, the signature stuff of Army Navy– the Burger, P165. Juicy and yummy.

The first bite of the burger

The mark of my first bite. Look at that! So full of stuff. 😉

Tasting the Soft Taco

The Soft Taco.

the dimple

Kaona mai


This photo and the following two are from Maya’s FB upload. hehe

nice cute me


Next Stop-Sbarro, SM City Cebu (January 30-pay day)

I was not famished when we decided to eat at this time. But what we ordered said otherwise. We each had a whole serving of baked ziti plus an extra garlic roll (Hmm. Just scribbling for this post is mouthwatering already.)

The funny scene that happened was when I made my order the crew offered me an extra plate. That made us giggle. She should have been thinking we were only going to share a whole serving. Haha. I refused her offer politely. But hell, don’t you underestimate our looks that we can’t finish off a whole ziti– alone. Haha (evil laugh). You can’t blame us Sbarro. We just so love your ziti!

sbarro whole

What I had was ziti with meat sauce, as always while Maya’s with white sauce. I actually haven’t tried yet the white sauce. I’m afraid to try other sauce because it might be a disappointment. Thanks to Maya she let me taste the white sauce and I can say it’s good in its own way just as the meat sauce is.

Maya at Sbarrome at sbarroMaya


The Aftermath. No, don’t accuse me of not eating every piece of my garlic roll. That’s Maya’s. She won’t eat it because they jumped off from her plate. Tsk tsk. What a waste!

after the binge

Maya hiding from my camera


For the side trip, follow here.

One thought on “Life Lately

  1. pssstttt.. nalingaw ug gimingaw ko sa mga pictures mae.. ahuhuhu.. mausab pah kaha ni mae? super jud ko gmingaw ani ug sa uban pah nga atoa gpangbuhat… unlimited foodtripping, endless laughters & crazy conversations.. ahehehe.. i just soooo Miss YOU Mae!,!! SoooOoobra…😘😘😘


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