My First Run

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Toes to Toes

Toes to Toes

I woke up at around 4 am to get ready for the running session. After over a number of times Michael and I planned to jog, we have finally make it happen this time.

I ate light breakfast because I was feeling hungry and I also felt the need to load up the energy to get me going.


Couple Runner. Michael and I.

Michael fetched me and we rode a multi-cab to get to SRP; we started our run from there.

I enjoyed the run. Well, actually, I used to run around a lot. More FYI, when I was in high school I ran the fastest among the girls in our class. But since this is yet my first to get back at running, I was only mostly walking and jogging lightly.

Oh my God! The major thingy that I would complain about was ITCH. It was really itchy all over me. I felt it at first in my triceps area. Then to my legs and even to my nape. Later did I know that it’s called the runner’s itch and that it’s because my body is some kind of out-of-shape and not having enough exercise. BOO! 😦


Post run Selfie

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