Wide Awake



Ah, it’s 1:03 in the morning, Monday. Five hours from now I’ll get up and get ready for a 13-hour work shift but I am still here fully awake–making this post. WHY?!

I want to share my excitement!! I AM EXCITED TO FINALLY BE HOME AGAIN!!

My home, home is the Philippines. I am away for 2 years and 3 months (almost) now. Never had I thought I am able to survive this long away from my family and from my home city.

Preparing for my homecoming was part of the deal. This whole month of June was very busy for me with that. I had to do visa renewal and settle all other papers before I fly out so I can come back to Ireland problem-free. The process started slow but, thank God, it went on smoothly. That’s ticked now on my to-do list.

The days after, I caught myself bustling over buying pieces to bring with me. Those sorts of souvenirs and chocolates to give away to relatives and friendly neighbors who knew I work abroad (are Filipinos the only ones like that? I want to know.). Earlier today, I packed my luggage- stuffing everything in. My mother was on the phone with me when I was doing that and up to that moment, I wasn’t telling her the exact date I am flying home. Poor Mama! I’ll tell her maybe Tuesday night or on Wednesday.

I don’t know what I am talking about now. Time check: it’s 1:57am. Time to sleep. I’ll work later and will work my last shift before the holidays on Tuesday. THat’s my motivation–just 2 shifts now then after that, I’ll go enjoy traveling to my homeland.

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