Flying Home: The Drama


PRELUDE: There was a turn of event!

In my last post, I was bragging about flying home on a Thursday. That’s what I thought.

On Monday, while at work, Cathay Pacific (my airline) sent me an email notification about the checking in online being available 48 hours before the flight. I said to myself, that couldn’t be right. I still have three days in Ireland, maybe they were just sending the reminder in advance. So, I checked my flight details again, without really suspecting that I was all along assuming a wrong date, BOOM! I have really 2 days left. OH my God! What has gotten into me!! Without that email, I would have missed my flight. Big time!


A very fine weather leaving Ireland but I’ll have so much of this in the Philippines.

Bags are packed and wrapped. I guess if you travel to Philippines, wrapping your luggage is a precautionary measure. 😦
The leg room.

The flight from Dublin to Hongkong was 12 hours. I was seated by the emergency exit door so that means a leg room and the toilets were only three steps from me. Yes! Very lucky to have that space. I would’ve enjoyed and made the most out of that had not I felt so sick for nearly half duration of the flight. I just felt terrible. I never had flight sickness before but I suspected my lack of breakfast and gulping that acidic orange juice x 2 glasses before the proper meal got me. Though that happened, I’m thankful God was so kind of putting me there near the toilet!!! Always a Savior! Amen!

Enjoying my meal.

Before the sickness part came about, I enjoyed my lunch and watched Inside Out. I can tell now Agatha (my Ireland close friend) that I have finally watched this movie. She’s recommending me it to me to watch for a long time that’s why I chose it.


Even at landing in Hongkong, the sickness was not going away anywhere. I was puking in the toilet. (Sorry, I need not to tell the details but I wanted to.) Then, I settled on one of the benches and slept there for maybe 2 hours. THAT WAS THE RESET BUTTON. After that, I woke up feeling “grand”. Now, onto that hot soup!!

Me after my snooze on this bench. Feeling much better this time.
Picture-taking time.
Ramen it is! I needed that hot soup to feed that tummy.

Because of all that drama with me, my tummy and my head, my plan of venturing out in Hongkong, particularly going to this nearby outlet shopping mall, (since I had 9 hours stopover here) did not happen. So, airport was the place to be.

After going about the shops there, I decided I just wanted to relax while waiting for my flight. I happened to find this corner of sleeping benches. There were all occupied but, I thought to myself, surely one of these people will have their boarding time and vacate their benches and I’ll take over. I waited patiently and luckily I didn’t have to wait very long.


Goodbye Hongkong.
Closer to home. Nice view.

Flight from Hongkong was only under 3hours. I was seated by the window, which was nice. I watched Moana onboard. The flight was smooth. I couldn’t wait to land and see my family.

See you in the next posts of my activities adventures in Cebu.

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