First Weekend Out


I had a great time seeing friends and catching up with them over the first weekend of the year. Having that should be a sign of a great fun for the year ahead.

We went to Arisu Korean Restaurant down in Capel Street. I’ve never been there before, but Sheba has.

Pearl, me, Lido, Sheba

This is Lido, Sheba’s son. He is a one big camera-shy kid. Whenever he feels somebody is taking a photo of him, he covers his face and wouldn’t eat unless the camera or phone is put away. So cute!

Here’s a story behind Lido’s name. Sheba coined it from Lidocaine, an anesthetic drug, as she is working in the surgery department. Cool, right?

After the fill, we had a stroll along Henry Street, going into the sale shops. And later ended up having a cone of ice cream.

All photos credited to Pearl.

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