London Diary Season 2- unfinished


I was back in London last November for 3 days. It was mainly to renew my passport and, of course, insert a short but sweet getaway.

I flew with Aer Lingus for the first time. I got discouraged booking my flight with Ryanair because they have recently implemented a new luggage policy, which from the first reading I thought was saying not allowing a wheelie suitcase as a carry-on unless you purchase an upgrade or whatnots. I did not bother to confirm that really and went straight ahead with Aer.

I landed in London later than the expected because there was a flight delay. The first plane was “faulty”. All the passengers were already on their seats; the door already shut closed but it felt like the plane’s engine was not turned on. I could not care less about having to transfer to a second plane as long as everybody’s safe, which we did after almost 2 hours of waiting. Safety is always a priority!

Though I arrived late in the afternoon, I still squeezed my way to the embassy to process my passport. I wanted it done and over with straight away before all the leisure. Then I went to meet Agatha and Arjale.

It was so nice seeing Agatha again after she moved and left Dublin in February. She looked well settled in her new home city. I am so happy for her. There was also Arjale. We had a little catch up over dinner and a cup of coffee.

On the second day, my company was Jayson. He toured me around. to places I’ve never been in the city.

I love London! I love how busy it is!

I would like to special mention the transportation. I got the hang of traveling by the Tube, London’s underground railway system, even during the first time I was there. I love joining in the mob’s rush to get to somewhere or catch the connecting train. It’s my simple joy.

The final day was a solo-travel-like day for me. I was on my own as later of that day I was flying back to Ireland. I had a good few hours to explore some more after I checked out of The Continental Hotel, where I stayed. Close by is the Kensington Gardens and Palace.

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