Waterford Weekend- unfinished


One weekend, I set foot again in another Ireland exploration.

I found myself in Waterford. I’ve heard a good few colleagues and friends who have been there for a quick break, and that enticed me to check the place myself.

It was only a 24-hour stay in Waterford. I stayed overnight at Treacy’s Hotel. The hotel is very handy as it is in the city centre itself. It’s very accessible to the bus stop, to the shops, and to touristy places in the area.

The journey from Dublin Busaras (bus station) to Waterford took 2.5 hours. I arrived there at 10 am. My check-in wasn’t until 3 pm so I just dropped off my backpack.

I planned to do a walking tour– to start then at 11:45 am. That meant, that I had time for myself to do my own tour of the place.

The city is very clean. I couldn’t see any sign of vandalism. I was maybe a bit early on a Saturday for the people to

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