Wow!! Randomly visited this site of mine and It gave me thrills!

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4:15 am photo of me to go with this post. the flash was too bright.

Hey people out there! Or are there still creatures reading blog posts?

Whether there’s still a few left or none at all, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just ramble on as I need to quickly finish expressing my thoughts here with spontaneity, not holding back. Cause it’s actually (proven-just now) really fun and nostalgic to read old posts some time later in the future.

I said proven because that’s just what happened at this minute or a few minutes ago. I am typing this post away on my phone (literally, just downloaded WordPress app for me to compose this) and the time is 3:53AM. I am supposed to be asleep now but is typing away instead.

Nowadays, I am busy doing youtube– cause that’s what’s in today. We transformed from writing posts and uploading photos to videos. So far, I made three YT channels–that’s me trying to avoid people I know who knows already about the first ones and trying to start afresh in so doing that on the latest channel, subscribers barely know me (not personally anyways). To continue the story, I went back to the first channel and watched the very first video I uploaded and it led me to remembering this blog site.

That should be the most fruitful thing I got from staying up late. Finding my way back to my blog site. It was just wow! I mean, while reading the old posts it felt like time travel. Moments you want to visit again.

So I guess I will be back at it.

Two years of silence have past on here but I’m surely back.


*i might edit this back sometime when i have gotten sleep already. this is pure ramble.

New Year 2019


Happy New Year!!!

Happy indeed! As it is said, whatever you want, need or like in your life, claim it, believe in it and it will surely be.

Here is a run down of the things I would like to be in this brand new year.

  • Be much, so much closer to God. I am blessed to have known better Jesus in 2018. I’ve never felt this “personal” with God before until I started attending bible school. Since then, everything seemed clearer, less worldy worries for me. I know He has my back always and forever.
  • Be a better person. Keyword for this is Christ-like. I say this is really hard, especially, the more you like to be good, the harder the enemies pull you back and tempt you. Another keywords: nothing is more powerful than God so always Call out to Him! Let Him in!
  • Transform myself from a nocturnal to morning person. Oh! How much I love to stay up very late at night til wee in the morning. But, I will change this. Though I feel very productive at night, I realize I am missing out so many opportunities for waking up late.
  • Be fit. I will never miss a day not incorporating a fitness routine throughout the day. Just the year gone, I’ve grown heavier than ever before. Never did my weight reached 50 kg, but now, it runs around 53 to 55 kg. Not that I worry too much about the numbers. It doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I love the few kilos and the slight “thickness” I have now. I just wanted to keep a flat stomach. Nyahaha. So, tummy vaccuums it is. Thanks Vicky Justiz!
  • Stop procrastinating! I am terrible with this. No, I take that back. I rebuke that. This year, I will do things I love to do. Not to put off things for tomorrow or for the next day until they are completely forgotten. I will do them, as I will alot time for them.
  • Learn playing a complete song on the keyboards. I bought myself a Roland last year. It’s more or less five months with me now, but I never played a complete song yet. When I got it at first, I was so excited playing it but slowly the enthusiasm fizzled out. I will revive it. I need to focus on one song at a time before jumping to the next.
  • Take photos more. No, I actually take loads of photos but those never really get processed or published somewhere. I need to do something about this, definitely.
  • Live while able.

Cheers to us all!