New Month, New Challenge


It’s October and this month I’m taking on a new challenge in my life–in my career. I will be working in the Operating Room!

For 11 months, it’s been the Emergency room department that became my comfort zone, my home. And now with this change, I’m feeling scared and nervous of how will I be able to live up to the demands of the duties as an operating room nurse. God may bless me. Thy will be done.

Do you have your share with this experience, being swept from your comfort zone? How did you cope?

Planning Way Ahead


It’s August. Still a few more months before December, yet this early, my E.R. family already started out planning for the Christmas party.

Actually the planning started sometime in July. I was then really hoping we would go for a costume play. I imagined how fun it would be to dress up with your favorite character. My bet was to be Snow White and sport the makeup done by my favorite Michelle Phan. 😛

I earned my first ‘Like’


Wow! This is surreal. I thought it would still take a few posts for me to earn likes or comments. But here it is. A few minutes after my second blog has been published, a blogger in the name of Clotilda liked my post. Excuse me for overreacting but I’m just so overwhelmed.

Thanks Clotilda for giving me it.

You can check her on the link below:


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Lovin’ Blogging

Hello World!!
BLOG. BLOG. BLOG. I’m so hooked. I think i will soaked up with them 24hours if only my schedule would allow, but sadly no :(.
I don’t get tired of reading them and opening links after links–because I get to uncover such great things about people and life.
At first, I was more on to fashion blogs. Then transformed into make-over logs and video blogs. To name a few and actually they are my number one in their own rights: Kryz Uy’s Thirsty Thought and Michelle Phan’s.
I’m also soaking myself with topics in photography like Jim Harmer’s Improve Photography, craft making and DIYs of DanaMadeIt and Madeleine’s From Rags to Couture.

Reading them gives me a whole new world to understand and discover more. Most especially they are great motivation to create my own link in the web. 🙂